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Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Sunday Salon-February 21st

After being out of Blogger range last Sunday (no, my parents still do not have the Internet, my mom says she has no "interest" in it! crazy, I say)  I am happy to be back with this week's Sunday Salon.

I feel that my reading is slowing down somewhat. I am not sure why? I am obviously spending time reading blogs, which is new to me since the summer. The Olympics are on and I love watching them. It's report card time, which I have just started. I am in charge of organizing a school wide winter carnival on times!

I am currently reading Steve Berry's new book The Paris Vendetta. I have yet to be disappointed by any of Berry's books, but I do wish that he would stop pretending that the main character, Cotton Malone, is retired from the US Justice Department since he ends up on a mission for them IN. EVERY. BOOK. I mean really, if I say I am retired and then teach everyday am I still retired? I do enjoy Steve Berry much more than Dan Brown. I loved Angels and Demons and The DaVinci Code but then it was such a loooooong wait for the next book. Steve Berry's books come out much more frequently and are just as well written in my opinion.

I have finished Wilma Tenderfoot and the Case of the Frozen Hearts and very throughly enjoyed it! I think this would be a great book for any young girl who likes mysteries. I think boys would like it as well, but seeing as the main character is a girl there might be other series they would enjoy more. I really liked how the vocabulary in the books was advanced and the characters would often explain the meaning of the words they used in their conversations. Quite a neat trick from a teacher's perspective!

As far as my Sunday has gone, I have been very busy! I woke up early and did my grocery shopping. I have decided to start planning my meals out by the week and will be posting that tomorrow. Today I made two pots of soup, cream of cauliflower (my fave) and a new soup- Sante Fe Fajita Chicken- from the website. I do not recommend it. I used to love a chicken tortilla soup made by the chef at the restaurant where I worked and I have been on the hunt ever since! So if you have a recipe for a similar soup- it had a tomato base, lots of veggies and was a little spicy- I would love to have it.

I spent a HUGE chuck of the day prepping reports card- calculating marks, creating comments- and some lesson planning. Normally, I have all my learning skills done (you know, the comments at the end like "So-so plays well with others. Is encouraged to complete their homework more frequently" etc, and then I scrambling to get my marking done. This term it's the opposite. I have the marking done and have yet to start on the learning skills!'s not so bad I still have a week. I could do 5 everyday and get them done in time. I'll probably start to tomorrow while I am watching the kids work, I think better when I can see the kids I am writing about.

Now I am off to, hopefully, finish my book and maybe watch the Canada vs. USA hockey game. I get so anxious though...I just want us to win so bad. I don't think it's healthy to have this much anxiety about a sporting event! I hope everyone else has had a fabulous Sunday and weekend to boot.

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SB said...

I am not looking forward to going back to report cards. no not at all.

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