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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Change Is In the Air

So awhile back I started to think about change and what things I could change in my own life to make myself happier. I've been thinking and thinking and thinking and last week I decided that I needed to change schools and find a new venue for myself.

I've been feeling very negative about my current school as I do not feel that I mesh well with many of the staff I work with. I have decided to take control of my destiny and look for new challenges and new endeavours. So I have applied for a few jobs that were posted on Monday as part of the internal job postings at my board. There is an entire series of postings that are internal only as teachers look for new schools and new opportunities. Once a number of posting have passed the jobs will then be opened for external hiring. I applied for the following three jobs:

- Grade 5
- Grade 6 (with French)
- .5 Library with .5 planning time coverage

All very different than my current position of Grade 8, and my last 5 years in Grade 7. I am hoping to do my primary qualifications this summer so I can move down and teach the little friends. I am starting to feel that after 6 years of the big friends, teenagers are not always all they are cracked up to be! I have my second interview tonight and then the third is next week. Wish me luck.

I am very excited at the prospect of change. A new school. A new staff. New students. New routines. And all the growth that comes with newness. I think there is a statistic out there that says most adults change their jobs every 5 years and that seems about right to me. As someone who promotes life long learning I think people just push beyond their boundaries and their own safety nets to learn and develop as a person. Who knows, maybe I'll be an even better Grade 5 or 6 teacher than I ever was at Grade 7 and 8??

I won't know until I try.

4 Thinks and Thoughts of Others:

Helen's Book Blog said...

Good luck with the job hunt! It is that time of year in schools.

SB said...

OH Good luck Beth! I may one day do this too. but it is so so high maintenance...have you seen what p/j has to do???

Cleverly Inked said...

Nothing but LUCK!

Jill of The O.W.L. said...

Good luck! I know exactly what you mean about needing a change. I thought about going back to get my media license, but it would be two years, and I don't know if I can put that much time in!

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