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Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Food Revolution

Did anyone watch Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution last night? I caught it for the first time, I'm not sure if it was on before last night or not but I must say I sat in shock on my couch for the full two hours and stared at the TV.

Now I will be the first to admit that I don't have children, and I have never had to make 5 breakfasts and lunches a week for school kids but I know that the foods the parents and school administrators on the show were providing to the children are not what one should do. Pizza for breakfast? Not allowing children to eat with utensils? I was scared and saddened by it all.

I hope that the editing of the show was done in such a way to make everything look worse and much more shocking than in real life because if not than those poor children will have an uphill battle for the rest of their lives. I know most of us, me included for sure, can eat healthier and improve our diets but at least we recognize it. I think I was most shocked at the resistance and down right anger displayed by most of adults on that show to the idea that a diet consisting mainly of pizza, chicken nuggets, flavoured milk, and processed food could be bad for the children. How brainwashed has our society become when we are outraged at the thought of providing children with real and nutritious food?

At one point Jamie wants to give the children utensils to eat their lunch with and the school workers are shocked. Children should not eat food with utensils! Hands only! Are they raising an entire generation of cave people? Basically, children in the school did not use utensils, other than spoons, up to the age of 10! No forks. No knives. Wow. I think that's sad. I hope again that the editing was done in such a way to make it look as bad as possible for TV's sake.

There was also a segment where Jamie tests a Grade 1 class on vegetables....and they couldn't name any! Not even potatoes, or tomatoes, or the easy ones! I can see not knowing eggplant or turnip as those may not make the appearance in a lot of households, goodness knows they've never been in mine! The teacher sat through the whole thing just smiling! I would have been so embarrassed. Now, I must say she did take it upon herself to teach the kids about the vegetables and Jamie came back and they could name everyone. But 6 year-olds not knowing vegetables??

Did anyone else watch this show? Can anyone who has children offer insight? Should young children be eating with utensils? I think I will be watching this show for many weeks to come, and while I know it represents a lot of what is bad with TV I really hope to see some light at the end of the tunnel and children who are learning to enjoy healthy food.

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Simply Stacie said...

Stopping by from the Saturday Network. I am now a follower!

DUTA said...

There's violence in schools; so children should not be allowed to eat with ustensils , they might hurt themselves or others with forks and knives. Better safe than sorry.

The Library Lurker said...

I saw your post at The Saturday Network and thought I'd stop by. Wow, I didn't see this but that sounds horrible! Admittedly, in my school the only utensils are sporks, but hey, that's better than nothing! And we serve veggies everyday, and fruit too. All of the junk costs extra. Wow, I really hope that this show is an eye opener for people!

Beth said...

The violence is schools is not caused by utensils. I think that teaching children to be functioning members of society involves being able to eat properly in all settings.

Kristi said...

How horrible. I did not see the show, but would like to. Having a daughter that will enter kindergarten in the fall, I am less than enthusiastic about school lunches and I hope that her school will offer better options than you described from the show.

At four and a half our daughter absolutely uses utensils - forks and spoons since before she was two and we are starting to work on knives a bit. And I am pretty sure that she would have smoked those first graders on the vegetable quiz - I don't know whether I should be more proud for her or sad for them!

Great post!

SB said...

Yay - a pic of you! Yay! I've heard really good things about Jamie Oliver's (he's my boyfriend, did you know?) new show.

I missed it. Next week for sure!

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