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Thursday, March 18, 2010

A List

The things I have done whilst (I love the word whilst) on March Break in Florida:

1. Bought 2 new Jones New York Dresses I love
2. Got a tan/slight burn-it'll be awesome by Monday
3. Had St Paddy's Day drinks with friends from home who are also in the area
4. Sent too many texts and made too many phone calls with my cell (ugh- roaming charges)
5. Missed my hubby and got increasingly nervous about the renovations being undertaking whilst (sigh) I am away
6. Got a little irritated by my best friend who I am travelling with- long story, she likes to fix everything for everyone all the time
7. Slept in- a lot
8. Had some great dinner and lunches
9. Had a chocolate wasabi facial- awesome
10. Finished "Pillars of the Earth" and "Percy Jackson Lightening Thief", in the middle of "The Nanny Returns" (audiobook)
11. Didn't call my mom or sister before I left and got in trouble
12. Drank a lot of Bartles & James (not available in Canada)
13. Did not swim in the pool or the ocean
14. Came up with a plan to bribe motivate my students to work hard in third term
15. Feel ready to go home and dive back into real life. I miss my hubby, my puppy and reading all your blogs!

4 Thinks and Thoughts of Others:

Molly said...

What a GREAT list!! I am especially interested in hearing more about #9 --- chocolate wasabi facial?! and #14 -- ideas to motivate students during this difficult spring term.

Enjoy the rest of break -- I can't believe it is almost over :(

SB said...

I love your blog 'break' ha ha!

you must be rejuvenated! Sounds like an awesome trip - !

I need to hear more about this whole motivating term three idea - you know, I am going back in ONE week!


not too serious i hope

Jan von Harz said...

Love to know your plan for third term. Glad you are enjoying spring break. I have been reading a lot. Stop by my blog as I have given you a blog award

Kristi said...

That's a fantastic list - sounds like one great vacation! Would love to hear what you think about Pillars :-)

Enjoy the new tan!

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