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Wednesday, March 24, 2010


There is a person in my life that sees everything, everything!!! has half-full. No discussion is ever complete without pointing out how things could go wrong, possible ways we might die down the road, numerous things to worry about, and, oh yes, how the glass is half-full! It's maddening.

I do not choose to have this person in my life, they were introduced into my life by my marriage and so I have no way of avoiding contact. I find myself nodding only, responding with "umms" and "ahhs" in hopes that the depression will end. Take today for instance, we were expecting our visitors early afternoonish to help with the renovations and they arrived at 4:30pm with no phone call to apologize. Then the whole time they were here there was pointed looks at their watch, and said

"We need to go, more accidents happen in the dark then any other time",

and "I hope you would never order drugs online because they are often not real drugs". (I'm sorry!! Who does order drugs online? I have a perfectly good drug plan through work and a drug store across the road.) 

Then "Here, we brought you a strap for the guitar and a book to teach yourself to play" Ummm, we don't have a guitar... and

"Well then, we should take it back because it's of no use here, oh dear, maybe we made a mistake?"

It's exhausting being that dragged down....le sigh. Not to mention that due to the late arrival none of the planned renovations were completed today. NONE! See, exhausting right?

So if anyone has some positive and happy thoughts to share I would love to hear them because I feel that I am normally a positive person but not today. Nope, not today.

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Helen said...

Negativity sucks (did you like that?). I had a great day today and worked with TONS of eager students in my school library. The weather was also good.

(hope this helps a bit) :-)

Jill of The O.W.L. said...

Sorry I'm slow to respond! Hope the day got better. Sometimes I think it's just best to nod and walk away. I work with a person like this too. For me the positive is that all the snow is gone and the grass is getting a great hint of green! LOVE IT!!!

Kristi said...

I agree with Helen - negativity does suck!

Maybe you can imagine yourself back on that Florida beach with a cold beverage on your hand??

Sending warm and fuzzy thoughts your way :)

SB said...

brutal...and so hard to avoid. there's always someone: in the family, at work. somewhere. who brings the cloud. loses the tail. boo.

to brighten your day: baby e is almost walking and she is tickled with herself! seriously! you should see her face after she takes three steps. It's such a feat of accomplishment for her!

Now that makes me smile!

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