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Monday, April 19, 2010

Are Recycling Bins Recyclable? And Other Questions of an Unanswerable Nature

Recycling Bin Woes
Ours broke so we bought a new one and left the old for pick up....for the last three weeks! It wasn't picked up the first week and we assumed that was because it was still relatively intact, albeit with a huge hole in the side! So we tried again the next week- nothing. Last night my husband broke it into pieces and put them into the blue bin. When I returned home this evening not only were the pieces of the bin still here but so was a glass container, a full newspaper and a metal lamp shade. Has recycling ended? Did we miss something? Calls to the city have yielded no helpful response other than "We'll monitor your recycling pick up". Oh, ya? How? I tried Googling "are recycling bins recyclable" and got no response! This leads me to believe that if Google doesn't know then no one does.

Grocery Shopping
When is the best time to go grocery shopping? After work, like I had planned today? Nope, too tired and just couldn't drag myself there. On the weekends? But it's so busy and you end up bumping into a million people and waiting in line for ever! Should you get up in the middle of the night and go to a 24 hour grocery store? That might not help the tired issue. When will they create refrigerators that just replenish themselves? You know, like on Star Trek?

Are some people just okay with being okay? Do some people have no aspirations to be better at their chosen profession and don't care who knows it? A co-worker congratulated me today on my new job and then followed that by saying. "Someone at your new school is going to be pissed because now the bar will be set higher and they are going to have to do more work. At least we all can rest easier around here." ??????? Compliment...part of it maybe? I will never understand people who don't want to be their best (NOT the best, THEIR best) at whatever they've chosen to be, even if it's just themselves  (Brian, looks like we were thinking similar thoughts today.)

Student Questions
I know I am going to Grade 4 and the questions are just going to be coming at me fast a furious but Grade 8's pull out some really doozies too. Please examine Exhibit A below.

Bell rings.
Students enter class and take their seats.
I start to take attendance.
Billy Bob Student raises his hand approximately 45 seconds since class has started.
I call on him, "Yes, Billy Bob?"
Billy Bob asks, "What;s our homework?"
Please note, I haven't finished taking attendance yet and have definitely NOT taught anything or assigned any work.

Exhibit B.
I say, "Does anyone have any questions about tomorrow's quiz, other than 'what's on the quiz'  because I posted that on the website?"
Randy Ray Student puts up his hand.
I say, "Yes, Randy Ray."
Randy Ray replies, "Can you tell us what is on the quiz?"

Exhibit C
30 seconds after Randy Ray asked his 'question' Stevie Lou raises his hand.
I call on him, "Yes, Stevie Lou?"
Stevie Lou asks, "What kinds of questions are there on the quiz?" (Why do students always want to know that? Does is help them study? But, I digress...)
I answer with, "Multiple choice, fill in the blank, and one essay question."
Stevie Lou, "What is the fill in the blank on?"
For real? Cause I am going to tell what the question is about? Come 'on!! I suppose you have to give him credit for trying though.

Who invented income taxes? Loser.

2 Thinks and Thoughts of Others:

SB said...

You sound frustrated.

With regard to when is a good time to grocery shop. back in the day I would go at seven a.m. on saturday. and to this day I believe this to be the best time. but I no longer can drag my sorry ass out of bed for that...

with regard to your colleague. I would punch him/her...and tell him/her to get a freakin' clue.

You leaving might just be the worst thing to happen to that school by the sounds of things.

Beth said...

Not too frustrated actually...just lots of little stuff today. I have been asked by multiple people "who's going to do stuff when you're gone?" to which I reply...Not my worry! Leaving is going to be GREAT for me too!

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