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Saturday, April 10, 2010

His and Hers Decisions

So here's the situation...I have been curling in a bonspiel all weekend with some acquaintances from my weekly curling league. My husband has been grouting the back splash tile in the kitchen. I came home for a short hour or so break that my team has between finishing our game and dinner. I said that I thought it would be great if he and our friends (his cousin and girlfriend, who is my good friend...did you follow that?) should come out to the club after they ate as there was going to be music and dancing and we could make it a night out.

He said, "Ummm, well..."

So I said it was fine if he didn't want to go but could he then drop me off so I could have a few drinks and then he could come back to get me.

He said, "Ummm, well..."

So I said that was fine I would just drive myself and then come home early rather than stay and drink with my team. He said he wanted to have a few drinks with J and K when they came over. I said they have a bar at the club.

He said, "Ummm, well..."

I said...nothing. I went upstairs to get ready and am now writing this post. I will be leaving to go back to the club in a few moments. He isn't coming... I guess. He isn't driving me... I guess. And we aren't having an impromptu night out with friends... I guess.

So who's right here, do you think? Is anyone? Is no one? Such a strange situation and resolution that really isn't a resolution because was there ever really a problem? And if so should I be worried that we had a fight and I didn't win or maybe I did win. And yet maybe no one won? Or lost?

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SB said...

hm. well. you both decided to go with what you wanted...(?)

I'm gonna go with neither is right. neither compromised. though you got the raw end in that he didn't drive no idea when they need to just give a little. (though he is doing the back-splash, so that's something:-))

Priya Parmar said...

ooh i hate that! those weirdy problems that aren't problems but are problems. and then someone says what's wrong and it is so hard to describe. yuck.

that is amazing that you are a curler though! my family loves that sport!

Beth said...

Well, in an update....J and K did not come over, there was a goat emergency (long story) but my hubby did decide to surprise me and came to the curling club for a drink with my team! Fun!!

Priya, I love that your family loves curling. Do they curl themselves or just watch?

SB said...

well then - he is better than my hubby who would have stayed home, put on some stupid show and drank on his own rather than put himself into social discomfort to be with me:0)

Priya Parmar said...

we just watch. during the olympics this year my mom refused to go out at any point when the curling was on because she needed to see it live. and the interviews. and the behind the scenes profiles of the athletes. and the recap from the professional recappers.

Beth said...

That's great! You should tell your mom to give it a try if there is a club near you. Many adults pick it up as a sport and love it.

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