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Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Kitchen Renovations That Never End...

So today was the big day. The painting day. The day to end the kitchen renovation. The day to be done.


not so. We went to Home Depot last night to buy the paint, and baseboards (I am the painter today and my husband is the baseboard installer) and planned to get up this morning and start. So at 8:00am and a coffee in hand we were ready. We wanted a colour that was a little grey, a little brown, and not too dark. It matches our tile grout PERFECTLY but it makes the cupboards look very yellow I am thinking I would like to paint them a true white like the baseboards and the window trim. My husband is concerned that will make everything too light.

One thing I know for sure is that nothing other than the wall painting and the baseboards is getting done today! Well, maybe the light fixture but I think we should live with the cupboards for a while, get some art work up and window coverings and then decide.

Is redecorating and renovating this complex for everyone? Or do we just do it the hard way?

We still have so many things are our to-do list that it feels like by the time we get it all done we will want to move! But the kitchen is the focus for now and we will get that done. I promise to post pictures tomorrow or Monday when the paint is dry and everything goes back into the kitchen (again!!) So you can all see and weigh in with your opinions on the cupboards.

In other news... my sister and I signed up for the Art Journaling class at Red Velvet We received a link to the top secret site and a bonus tutorial to get started on our art journals. I went over to her place on Thursday night and we journaled away the evening. It was great fun and I loved doing it. I am not very arty, but I am pretty crafty so this type of "art" is right up my alley. We both uploaded pictures of our pages to the Red Velvet Art Flickr site . My user name is "Bethanyboopboop" and Jenni's is "Jennijaneway" if you want to check out our pages. Many other people have uploaded theirs as well and the talent is amazing. There's plenty of time if you want to join the class as well, just head over to Red Velvet

The rest of my Saturday will be spent marking (yeah, last 3 months of marking Grade 8 work!!) and then putting a second coat on the kitchen. I hope to squeeze some reading in as well, and maybe knitting.

As you can see I am a party animal on the weekend.

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blueicegal said...

gosh sounds hectic, hope your art journaling classes continue to go great! :)

Priya Parmar said...

wow your weekend sounds more ambitious than mine! i love light rooms and secret classes! sounds fun!

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