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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Surfing around...

Do you ever just go where the internet (or internets as my grandmother calls it) takes you. You flow through and click on links and just find stuff. Lots of it makes you smile, some of it makes you think, and all of it changes you? Well, sometimes I can spend HOURS just surfing around checking things out online.

I want to do this for my next birthday, the big 31!

This is my next goal for Me to We, or my own personal giving- One Day's Wages. 

I bought 2 Sigg waterbottles today at school. The Green Club is selling them to help reduce our use of plastic. I got one for personal use (Make Love Not Landfill) and one to stay at school (Scanning the Globe). And here's how they make it!

Put a ribbon around the world. It's the Planetfesto- the planet's manifesto. Post an image and your promise to help this world we all love and live on.

Have you read this whole list? How about this one?

We got a package for my dad to go golfing on Father's Day (or near Father's Day) with my husband today. My husband and sister worked it all out. This course has replicas of all sorts of famous golf course

And now I am off to catch up on some of my shows that I have missed over the past few days. Have a great night!!

My sister and I have signed up to do this online class together! Can't wait!

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SB said...

Oh Beth - you're awesome. Always a teacher, you are! I would love to do that for my 31 too...we'll see it might have to happen after...

As for the class - have fun with that! might be a great summer project starter!!

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