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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The End of A Season....

... a TV season that is.

All my favourite TV shows have ended and I am in limbo waiting for something to come on to watch. I am filling the time with gardening, walking the dog, trying to beat the heat, counting down the days until summer starts, and of course reading.

Are you a TV junkie? Did you wait for baited breath for the Lost finale? Did you cry through Grey's Anatomy? I don't think I would call myself a junkie but I do enjoy a good story line and some great drama. Nothing like escaping into other people's lives.

I am excited for some summer TV as well, So You Think You Can Dance and The Bachelorette. What can I say? I like reality TV. Sue me.

Do you have any favourites? Shows you have to see? When I was a kid my best friend and I would watch Full House every Friday night. Of course, our parents didn't let us get together every week so we would just call each other and watch TV while on the phone. Most of the time we weren't even talking! Well, we did chat a lot during the commercials I suppose.

Now-a-days my husband and I are often in separate rooms watching TV. He's not one for the romance and drama, and I can only watch so many hockey/baseball/football games or NASCAR races!! There are the special nights when we do watch TV together. We always watched Lost as a twosome so I am sad to see that show go, and we watch Survivor together as well. We also tend to like the same movies, I like action films almost as much as I like a romantic comedy so we will often watch a movie together, either at home or the theatre.

Well I am all out of rambling thoughts of nothing so I will end this post. Now.

3 Thinks and Thoughts of Others:

SB said...

thanks for your comments on my blog...jb and i are into modern family - and we loved the pacific...enjoy these summery days!

Nicole said...

I was way more impressed with the LOST series finale than I expected to be. I thought they would leave a lot of questions unanswered, but I think they did well tying up almost all the loose ends.

I'm a total TV junkie, and I'm anxiously awaiting the return of Bones. :) My other favorites are One Tree Hill, The Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl and NCIS, although I need to catch up on NCIS.

Milli said...

I was really sad when LOST ended. My entire family is a huge LOSt fan:D And of course, American Idol.

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