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Saturday, May 15, 2010

My High School Clique

I've been struggling lately with my blog writing. It's like my brain has shut off and I have no ideas. None. Zero. Zilch. . I haven't been reading very much lately so it's not like I can even blog about my books. I am currently reading "The Children's Book" by AS Byatt so hopefully when I finish that I will have some thoughts. Also, I have promised myself NOT to blog about school because I want to leave work at work as much as possible. So.... I went to Google and googled "Blog prompts" and got some ideas to help me along until my writing mojo comes back to me, hence today's post "My High School Clique".

My high school was very interesting, I think. I don't really remember that there were cliques that were exclusive or anything like that. People had their groups of friends that they hung out with more often than other people but if there was ever a party it really seemed like everyone was there. Now, I must say that I was one of the more popular people in school (please don't read that as egotistical, I will explain) so maybe other people had a totally different idea.

My high school experience involved a lot of extra-curriculars. My friends and I were all in French-immersion which means that we took half of all our classes in French from Grade 7 to the end of high school, so more homework as everything had to be translated. I also joined a ton of teams and clubs. I was a joiner. A sampling of some of the things that I did were: the curling team, the broomball team, Student Council Vice-President, Sports Council President, 30 Hour Dance-a-thon Co-ordinator, Peer Helpers, Peer Tutors, the drama shows (backstage), etc. So this is why I say I was one of the more popular people, not that I was super cool and awesome, but because I was so involved I knew a lot of people. I also worked at McDonald's all the way through high school. Looking back I really wonder where I found all the time?

I must say that in my circle of friends it was cool to get good marks. We were all university bound from the moment we started high school and it was a bit of a competition to see who could get the best marks. Most of us played on a sports team or two, the guys all played football, the girls were more diverse between volleyball, basketball, track, curling, badminton, etc. The super sporty girls that were on every team weren't in our circle but we definitely all knew each other and still hung out at parties. My group was known to the administration but in a good way. We could usually get by with missing a class or two if we were doing work for the Student Council or other clubs (we used this to our advantage!) and we were never in trouble!

I remember one time I got called down to the VP's office for being late to class and having to stand in line outside his office with the other students that had been called down. There were the kids who smoked on the front lawn there, the kids who were routinely suspended, who got into fights after school, and little old me. When I got into the VP's office he seemed shocked and asked why I was there. When I told him I had been late for class he told me that I was definitely not a student he needed to see and that if I ever got called down again not to come, no big deal! I'm sure the other kids in line hated me in that moment.

My group rarely drank alcohol or got drunk and we never came to any dance drunk. Why? Well because we were the ones organizing the dances and usually were too busy setting up. We did drink some towards our later years in high school but nothing like some people. I'm sure you've guessed by now that we were pretty "geeky" but in a cool way? It seemed cool then, anyway. I was voted prom queen, and my boyfriend was prom king so I can't have been that big a nerd, right?

Looking back is interesting and trying to remember what it was really like. I am rarely in contact with anyone from my high school anymore so I can't imagine that we were all that good of friends. We actually started to drift away pretty soon after we graduated but it was a good time while I was there.

High school is such an interesting time in your life, it seems so long while you are there but looking back it was so short too. I don't think it really sets the foundation of your life as much as people say it does. I know I am not the same person I was then. I am the same sort of person, a do-er and an organizer, but I think I have grown more confident in myself in a way I never was in high school. I know I like myslef better now.

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SB said...

high school. I agree - an interesting time in our lives. I like me more now, too. I went through so many phases and friends in school - but I was always a part of the 'it's cool to be smart' crowd as well...

it helps the whole 'you are who you hang around' theory for sure!

great post!

Milli said...

I was in french immersion from the first grade to the fifth grade! Wow, high school sounds...kind of scary but fun.

Emidy said...

Great post! I'm in french immersion, but we started in kindergarten istead, I'm pretty sure.

Some people say that high school is the best time of your life, but I can officially say that it isn't! Too much of my time is spent doing homework and studying for tests that I don't have enough time to enjoy myself.

Beth said...

There is no way high school can be the time of your life! You barely know who you are and it's only 4 YEARS! In the 30 years I have been alive high school was only 13% of my life, and I plan to live a lot longer. I thinks it's important to study and do well, and Emidy I am glad to hear you are studying.

Milli, don't worry high school can be scary but I think you are more than confident enough to handle it...just look how awesome your blog is!

SB- good point about the who you hang out with theory, it works for your career too eh?

SB said...

indeed it does; positive, forward looking, nose the grindstone people make great colleagues!

Molly said...

What an ingenious idea -- to google search blog prompts :)

I know that you are anxious for school to end, summer to begin, and new class to teach come fall. The days will fly by -- I promise!

I hope you enjoy the Children's Book as much as I did. It is one book that I know I want to re-read at some point in life.

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