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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Shoppity Shop Shop

I love to shop! Love it! And in light of my recent inability to think of my own blog topics, this is another prompt I found online.

How do you shop?

Well, I do shop a lot but not an extreme or inappropriate amount I think. My husband may think otherwise!

I really like to shop with people, usually my mom or my sister, but I like to be able to wander away and look at my own things and my own pace. I hate when someone is constantly showing you things, or calling you back to look at something. Let me explain, I really enjoy shopping with company and ohhhing and ahhhing over each other's finds but I hate when I have to look at everything my companion is looking at and stay together the entire time. I have my own pace and method for shopping and sometimes I like to go it alone.

I also go in order, I am a very organized person. I have to go through each aisle or rack as I pass it just in case I miss something or forgot something and then seeing it jogs my memory. For example, in the grocery store I go into the produce section, then go all the way around the outside of the store and then up and down every aisle until I get to the end of the store. That way I get everything I need, and usually something I forgot but then saw it in the store!

In a clothing store I go all the way around the outside and then up the middle, and I usually like to wander around more then once in case I saw something and wasn't too sure but then decide I do want to check it out.

I have realized as I write this out that I am a pretty routinized person. Wow, maybe I should shake things up a bit? LOL

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