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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Stress Test

As the school year starts to draw to close I am finding myself less and less invilved with the success of my students. Is it is because on a regular basis only 5/25 students complete their homework? Probably. Is it because I answer questions like, "Where do I hand this in?" (a routine we have had in place since September). Yep. Is it because there are less than 30 days left and my grade 8's have checked out? Absolutely.

I figure after 9 months (plus all of last year for some of them) I have done what I can. I am only one woman. I can't be everything for all of them I wish I could be but I can't. I really want them all to end the year with a whole heap of success but at this point it's not really enough if only I want it. A lot of my students have marks that have dropped 10 or even 20% this term! That's scary when you think a term is really only 3 months in elementary school.

So I am filling my days with health lessons...yeah for spring time and sex ed lessons, dance classes and probably a read aloud of "Beastly" to end off the year. At this point I just want to get through it!

We are, however, still doing essay writing and finishing up our Geography unit so please don't think I have slacked off comepletly...but really at this point I am fighting an up hill battle.

Spring time in Grade 8....what a wonderful time of year.

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