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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Summer Nights

I know that it is still Spring, but it sure has felt like Summer around here lately and we have had more summer-like days than all of the last year combined. That is way this post is entitled- Summer Nights.

There is something special about a BBQ and a get together with friends that starts in the afternoon when the sun is shining and ends in a cool evening when you need a sweater. I'll set the scene for you.

The sun lovers are sitting on one side of the yard, others are crowded under the shade of the umbrella. Everyone has a drink of choice and is snacking on the delicious food brought by everyone. I love the pot-luck aspect of a BBQ. You get to try new dips and appetizers that other's serve and maybe (fingers crossed) get a new recipe to bring next time! Sometimes everyone is talking together about one thing, sometimes smaller conversations break off amongst people sitting next to each other, sometimes people get up to go play a game (horseshoes, washers, or flip cup depending on the drinking factor of the party participants!) (I love a good game of flip cup!).

The conversation ebbs and flows about all sorts of things, jobs, families, sports, TV and movies, people you know in common, funny stories from people's pasts. Now-a-days more of the conversation is turning to kids and babies as more and more of our friends start their families and soon more of our parties will involve children being there as well.

Of course, when the main dinner is served the conversation tends to quiet down as people eat their fill but there is always the occasional "Oh, this salad is so good! Where did you get the recipe?" or "I have a recipe similar to this except that I use _______ instead of ________".

I must say though my favourite part of a summer BBQ is when the sun goes down, the candles and torches get lit and everyone gets out the sweaters. Of course, this is also usually when the bugs arrive (never invited of course, so rude). I like conversations over the flickering of a candle and the music playing in the background.

Maybe it comes from my 20+ summers spent at summer camp but to me there is nothing better than hanging around a campfire, or a candle flame if you can't have a fire. It's just magic. I think it draws people together. Stories are spun around a campfire that would not otherwise be told. Friendships are cemented and made concrete. Possibilities are endless when there is a flickering flame and everything is new and hopeful.

If you've never sat around a campfire, gone camping or even just had a backyard BBQ this is summer!! Go on, you won't be disappointed.

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