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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sunday Sunday and other ramblings of my tired brain

I made it to Sunday! I slept in! I am going to do some work today but it is mostly going to be done while on the couch or in bed!

Teachers are not good at being "in class" and I just spent three days in class. I don't mean that we are bad students, although really that could be a whole other post...I mean that we are not used to be ing the ones who sit and listen. So when you put a group of 30 or so teachers in a room and ask them to listen to someone else teach them it's not always a recipe for good.

I throughly enjoyed my three days, even if I find sitting very tiring. Strange isn't it? I am so used to being able to move around whenever I like that sitting for long periods tires me out! Quite an important thing to remember when I am the teacher. I do do my best to provide opportunities for my students to move around actually, as I understand their need to get out of their chairs once in awhile.

Since 18 hours of the last 3 days have been spent in class I haven't really done anything else. My husband and I bailed on going out with friends last night because he was falling asleep on the couch and I be honest, I really didn't want to go. We did go out for dinner the two of us on Friday which was fun. I remember a time when we barely stayed in on the weekend, and sometimes the week. Now I can count the number of times we go a month! We have become quite the homebodies.

That isn't to say we don't do stuff it just usually involves being at home or someone else's home rather than out. I like that better. "Out" is expensive, noisy, full of people I don't know and usually the bathroom is gross!

My plan for today is to finish some marking and to do some planning for the next week or so, and if I can read.

2 Thinks and Thoughts of Others:

Milli said...

Hehe. My teacher makes us sit way too much:]

Beth said...

That's never good! I try to have my students get up and move around at least a few times every class. It sweeps out the cobwebs!

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