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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunny Sunny Sunshine

What is it about sunshine that makes Canadians go just a little (a lot?) crazy? Is it the months we spend in the cold? Is it the greyness that envelopes us for days upon days? Is it the snow, and the slush, and then the rain, and then usually the return of snow for a least a few days? Whatever it is, at the least mention of sunshine Canadians are in their shorts, tank tops, sandals and heading outside for a BBQ.

The ice cream truck has been coming around for over two weeks already.

Sunscreen in selling out at the drug store.

It's just a little crazy up here in the north.

We went to a BBQ last night, have one planned ourselves for next Saturday AND are going to a third next Sunday. Burgers. Hotdogs. Ribs. Potato Salad. It's like we have all been shut in and just got our first glimpse of the sun after years of incarceration. Seriously.

People who live in the south must think we are crazy. Here's an example:

This is the guy who worked on the beach while I was in Florida over March Break. Notice that he is wearing a coat? Most of the days that we spent on the beach in bathing suits the guys working at the resorts were in coats, and usually pants. Some of them even wore hats!! HATS! Not ten feet away I was in a bathing suit! The sunshine, it just does something to us Canadians.

Here in Canada May 2-4 (Victoria Day) weekend is the unofficial start to summer. Canadians take to camping sites and cottages in droves... and every year it's cold, rainy, and miserable. Every. Year.

Not this year. We opted to stay in town, do some gardening, and of course, BBQ. I'm serious, as soon as the sunshine arrives it's like Canadians all forget that they even own a stove. This year has been great! We had one day of rain, because really it wouldn't be May 2-4 without it, but for the most part it has been sunny, warm and very summer-like. I am loving it. I hope that this means we will have a sunny summer. Last year it rained. Every. Day. For the whole summer. Everyone was miserable. I think the entire country was vitamin D deficient.

Whatever the outcome and what people think of us, Canadians will continue to be sun worshippers and I for one am super happy that summer (for now, just wait a few hours here in Canada, the weather can turn on a dime!) has returned to us. Bring on the burgers.

2 Thinks and Thoughts of Others:

Milli said...

I know! Yesterday was the first time it reached 29 degrees celcius here this year. It's quite good for Canadian weather, even though 29 should be for summer and it's only spring.

Beth said...

29 is just heavenly!!

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