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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Waking Up

Waking up is such a funny thing. It can be excruciating torture or blissfully happy depending on the day or the circumstance. Weekdays usually tend to fall in the first category, especially Monday mornings. The painful sound of the alarm clock going off way too early rouses you from your slumber. In the winter it's still dark outside. In my opinion, if it's dark you should be sleeping. Sleeping!

Weekday morning always feel like such a rushed affair. The dog needs to be walked, you need to fit in a shower, blowdrying your hair, making breakfast AND lunch (if you didn't have enough forethought to make it the night before...which I never do) and then there is always the question of what to wear?? Our closest situation does not help this question. We have a poorly functioning closet organizer, it actually makes things harder to find. I look forward to the day when we get a new one.

Weekday mornings are all about the routine. If one thing throws your routine off then the whole ship goes down. When my husband I still lived in our apartment our routine was established because I had to get up very early to drive to work, I like to get to school about an hour before we start. But when we bought our house we were getting up at the same time! Uh oh. This lead to some tense mornings as we circled around each other and tried to figure out what new routine would be. Who would shower first? Who would walk the dog? Who's car went in the garage at night and whose went in the driveway? Questions to some importance really when you are trying to rush around half asleep at 6:30. The struggle of figuring out this new routine lead to a few not so small arguments in the morning.

Weekend mornings tend to be more leisurely. The dog still needs to go out, of course, but he can usually make do with a quick trip around the park and then I can head back to bed. Weekend mornings involve sleeping in and luxuriating in the softness of your bed rather than springing to wakefulness and flying into the shower. I love those mornings when you wake up and your bed and your sheets and your pillows all feel perfect. No matter how you lie you are comfortable, everything is right about your bed. What a great feeling that is. Weekend mornings usually involve a more complex breakfast than a cereal bar and a gulp of juice on your way out the door. Bacon. Eggs. Toast. Waffles. Or the best of the best... going out for breakfast!

Is there anything better than going out for breakfast? I truly think that going our for breakfast is one of the ultimate luxuries in life. Especially when you find a place that makes your eggs just the way you like them....ummmm, so good. My dad is a big fan of going out for breakfast but he also makes a mean breakfast at home. He could have had great success as a short order cook. When we were young he used to make us soft boiled eggs. We even had our own little egg cups for our soft boiled eggs. They were shaped like chickens. I'm not sure how a chicken would have felt about us eating their young though? Hmmm. My dad would also make  toast "fingers" for us to dip in the soft boiled eggs.

Now that we are older he makes us the usual fried eggs, bacon or sausage, homemade potatoes, and toast. But the best part is that when we are home visiting he cooks the entire breakfast and wake us up in time to come to the table and eat! How is that for service??

Today, however, was not one of those glorious breakfast outs, of even a breakfast made at home. It was cold leftover pizza from last night. But sometimes that is really good too!

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Emidy said...

I love, love, love weekends! Unless I have to get up for work, lying in bed and reading for an hour or so is pure heaven.

Jenny said...

Wow, what compelling writing.

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