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Friday, May 7, 2010

What I Did Today...

So today is Friday...what did I get accomplished?

I had a delicious breakfast at work. We have a staff breakfast every other week. Yummm, bacon.

My students and I finished reading Act 3 of our Hamlet graphic novel.

I wrote a Geography quiz for Monday's class.

I taught a lesson on STI's (sexually transmitted infections) to my two classes of Grade 8's right before lunch. This lesson involved a powerpoint slide show. Of graphic pictures. Of what can happen when you get an STI. They were shocked. It was great.

I made my one class sit in silence for 45 minutes as only three of the 25 finished their homework. This was after they had 45 minutes yesterday to work on the assigned work.

I lost it on my next class who came and they also hadn't done the assigned work. More of them had done it then the first class, but still not enough.

Then I apologized for yelling because it wasn't all the kids who didn't do the work and they didn't deserve to get yelled at.

I cam home and had a nap. I was (am) tired.

Le sigh.

I really want to be able to let it go. I don't want to stress myself out about my students doing or not doing their work. I want to go to school, work for the time I have to there and then come home and leave it there. I don't want to be so consumed by my students progress. Does that mean I want to be a bad teacher? Or just have a normal life? I have struggled for my entire career as a teacher to find balance and believe me, it's a struggle.

I want to do my best as a teacher and offer my students the best opportunities to learn, but not at the price  of my own well-being. I need to learn to let it go. Advice?

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SB said...

I am not sure I can advise - you are who you are: you don't let things go because they matter. And to let what matters go might mean letting who you are go - and that's no good.

I get really pissed at my students who don't do their work. I get even more pissed about laziness.

Seriously - who has the time for that b.s.??? I thought for a fleeting moment about the serenity prayer and how it might apply to a teacher's life...but then, it might excuse us to not bother with much: because of students' motivation, how much do we truly control?

Helen's Book Blog said...

Perfect timing on this post! I just got home from watching the spring musical at my school (which was awesome). But, I am tired. I've spent the week shlepping large piles of books and teaching students about technology and books when they would rather just gab.

The fact that you care says volumes. It is so difficult to let it go when we leave school, but I think that shows how much you care. I don't have good advice, sorry about that. The day you stop caring is probably the day you should retire. Does that make sense?

Beth said...

Helen and SB,

Thanks for the comments. I agree with you Helen that the day I stop caring should be the day I retire, but I do think I need to find a healthy balance!

I want to focus on the kids who are doing good and still working hard, it's just that the other ones drag you into their vortex of nothingness

Milli said...

You seem like a very awesome teacher:]

Emidy said...

It's so funny that you're posting about this - I'm not a teacher (I'm a student!) but my chemistry class is having major issues with work habits. On Friday my teacher gave us this lecture about it, and I was so surprised that some people just don't take school seriously. It's great that you care about your students' success, though! That's a sign of a good teacher, in my opinion.

Carina said...

I try to find a way to balance getting stressed about school and trying to let it go. For me, that usually means letting myself rant and rave about school for a few minutes when I get home, and then shifting gears and doing something that relaxes me - such as having a hot shower, reading a book, or making dinner. It's not always effective, but sometimes it works, and that's what's important!

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