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Sunday, June 27, 2010

G20 Summit

After hours of watching the news footage this weekend of the so-called G20 protests I was saddened, angered, disgusted and completely bereft of hope. I believe in the right to protest for change. There are serious issues in our world that need serious solutions. Unfortunately, our city streets were over-run with cowards this weekend who had only violence and destruction on their agenda. I felt this was important enough to write a letter to the Toronto Star and here is what I wrote:

After watching the media footage of the chaos that erupted on the streets of Toronto this weekend I was prompted to write this letter to applaud the efforts of all the security and police personnel involved in keeping the citizens of Toronto safe. I am saddened by the violent actions taken by young people of my generation for seemingly no purpose. 
I appreciate the heroic efforts of legitimate protesters during this time to get their important messages promoting peace and fighting for change out into the public sphere. I am disgusted that their efforts were co-opted by so many who appeared to only have destruction and violence as their agenda. The G20 Summit and subsequent protests could have marked a time of learning and education for so many people about important issues like worldwide poverty, maternal health, HIV/AIDS, the environment and many other serious issues that need serious solutions. Instead, scenes of violence, destruction and cowards took over the airwaves of our media. Anyone who has a message to share and the desire to teach others about the problems plaguing our world is a hero in my eyes. Anyone who covers their face and destroys property is a coward and a weakling. I believe the police took the necessary actions to try and protect the rights of legitimate protesters and we should all be thankful for their bravery and courage.
In response to the feeble and cowardly acts of those so-called anarchists who destroyed our city and obliterated the rights of the peaceful protesters who were attempting the create change in our world: If you are going to stand behind the destruction perpetuated this weekend please promise all the law-abiding citizens of Toronto and the world that you will NEVER call the police, fire department, paramedics or other services who have dedicated their lives in the service of others for help. After your actions this weekend, it would just be hypocritical. 

The pictures are unreal. The media footage is disturbing. I only hope that something can be learned from this. Some useful links are listed below:

2 Thinks and Thoughts of Others:

Emidy said...

My thoughts exactly! Protesting and standing up for what you believe in is good... but not when you take it to this level.

Jan von Harz said...

Great letter. Glad you wrote. Unfortunately, the protesters who were uncivilized in their methods will not comprehend your thoughts. Still it needs to be stated.

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