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Monday, June 21, 2010

Menu Plan Monday- June 21st

I'm back!!! It's been sooooooooo long since I did any menu planning. The first three months of my pregnancy consisted of me coming home after work and immediately going to sleep. My husband would arrive home at 6, find me asleep, and being the sweetheart he is, he would make dinner and wake me up to eat. Ahhhhhh, right?!

But I am finally starting to feel better, better enough to stay awake and actually cook dinner! Yesterday, I made a HUGE lasagna to eat for dinner and freeze for the future (always a good plan in my books). Here's what I hope to make this week.

Monday: BBQ Hotdogs (my husband had a craving), Honey Grilled Sweet Potatoes, and salad

Wednesday: Homemade Mac N' Cheese (with extras to freeze- this is one of my favourite recipes from childhood), and salad

Thursday: Baseball Night- leftovers most likely, the game starts at 6:50 and my husband gets home at 6:00

Friday: Unrolled Cabbage Rolls (from the Looney Spoons Cookbook- with extras to freeze)

Saturday: not too sure what the plan is since we are heading out for a party, maybe take out, maybe out for dinner? It'll be a surprise.

2 Thinks and Thoughts of Others:

Moderate Means said...

The shredded chicken tortillas sound fabulous!

Visiting from MPM!


Lora said...

Those grilled sweet potatoes sound really good! I may have to try those!

And I so remember how tired I was during the first trimesters of my pregnancies. That's great that you have an understanding hubby~I did, too:)

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