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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

It's a Doozy....

Better grab a cold drink and some snacks. This might take awhile.

Okay, so my life has been a little crazy the last week or so. Regular school ended and then summer school started (what was I thinking?) and the heat. Oh, the heat!!!! But no worries right, summer school must be air conditioned. Right? RIGHT?????




Well, to be exact the school has air conditioning, they have just decided not to turn it on. So pregnant me as been hauling my butt out of bed during summer vacation to hang out in a poorly ventilated room with 25 14 year-olds whilst (I love that word) it was 45 degrees outside with the humidex (celsius for all the Americans visiting today). So. Not. Fun.

More like melty, squishy, sweaty, stinky...GROSS.

So needless to say that after summer school ends I have been dragging my pregnant butt home for some serious nappage. Ahhh, I love afternoon naps.

To sum up, 4 days of last week were spent oozing in a hot classroom and then I took Friday off to go home and see my family. My sister and I drove down together on Thursday night. We arrived at 7:00 pizza and wings in hand and then promptly drove to the emergency room. Why you ask? Well, I'm glad you did.

On Tuesday after school my sister picked me up to go shopping for my dress for her wedding, I am the maid of honour. We had decided it would be best to pick out the dress before I get too huge! However, on top of everything else, the brakes on my car gave out on Monday so my car was in the shop and my sister had to drive across Toronto to get me so we could go shopping. Due to this I offered to treat her to lunch. While we were at lunch, Jen noticed that her face felt funny and I could see some red blotches. By the time we got home Thursday night it was a full fledged allergic reaction, hence, our late evening trip to emerg.

The rest of our weekend at home was moderately uneventful. We had family over on Friday for dinner, went shopping in Michigan on Saturday and had more family over on Saturday night. One would think after all that I would be rested and ready for another week at summer school. Oh, but you would be so wrong my friends.

I has massive stomach pains on Saturday night after shopping. Nothing serious, don't worry, but it hurt! My midwife thinks it was from my full day of shopping on Saturday- walking around a mall in flip flops and my stomach muscles aren't used to carrying the extra baby weight (because yes, at 3 1/2 months I am already showing that much!) (Do you think that was a polite way of saying my stomach is out of shape? Hmmmmm) So I was still a little sore on Sunday and the drive home didn't help matters.

So here we are on Wednesday of this week. I have lived through 2 days of back to back field trips with summer school (yes, field trips at summer school. I know. I know. Dumb.) and a third day back in the heat. I think I am starting to get the hang of it though and I don't feel as tired today. I even had enough energy to re-organize my pantry and kitchen cupboards, complete with new labels from my label maker ( I love it!). What else is on today's agenda? Well, I would really like to do some baking and make a good pasta dinner for myself since the hubby is out playing So You Think You Can Dance is on!!

I just wanted to say one more time how sorry I am there was such a gap between any real interesting posts. My book blogger friends should be happy to know that I have finished a couple great books and plan to put up some reviews ASAP!!

Missed you all.

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Emidy said...

Whoa, what a week! My friend is in summer school, and she's been saying how unbearable it is with the heat. Our school doesn't even have air conditioning!

Enjoy your relaxation! It sounds like you need it. :D

Helen's Book Blog said...

Holy crap (sorry about that)! What a week! As if being pregnant is enough on it's own. I hope your sister is doing alright (did she figure out what caused the reaction?). Remember, take it a bit easier, which, I know, is easier said than done. It's hot. Drink lots, take naps, etc

Helen's Book Blog said...

Oops, forgot to say "awesome, another So you think you can dance fan!" I LOVE that show and am so sad about Alex. Do you have a favorite?

Beth said...

Emidy- thanks!

Helen- I know right! My sister didn't find out what caused the reaction but the steriods that were prescribed really helped. My favourite dancer was Alex so I have no idea who to cheer for now! Maybe Lauren? Or Roberto?

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