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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Lazy Day Afternoons

Here's what a typical Monday to Friday has looked like for me these past three weeks...

I wake up at 7:00 to get ready to teach joyful, and motivated (read: attitude-rittled, hormonal, mouthy teens) students all about the English language at summer school, I shower, have breakfast and generally roll out of the house at 8:00 to start work at 8:30.

Summer school runs for a short four hours during the day (8:30-12:30) (although it feels like a 12 hour day most days) and then I am home by 1 o'clock at the latest.  During my servitude at summer school I teach two classes with a short 20 minutes break in between. Every year I am amazed at the students who come to summer school, do nothing, and get the exact same marks that created the situation that landed them in summer school...but that is another post for another day.

My afternoons are pretty much free and open. I remember having a lot more lunch dates with friends last year (have I gotten less popular?) and that my time was much more filled. Not so much this year. Perhaps it is the pregnancy, perhaps it is the 4 hours without AC, who knows but my afternoons seems to consist of plenty of napping this summer.

Oh, but people, do I have plans! PLANS! I have plans to get a pedicure, plans to drive to the show store where I have a gift certificate for a free pair of Berks, plans to get maternity underwear because I hear it is awesome, plans, plans, plans. I am going to de-clutter my entire house, I am going to set up my home office (only three years after we moved here), I am going to do the laundry. See, plans!

However, nothing seems to ever come to pass because I always end up asleep. Asleep on the couch, asleep in bed, one day I wouldn't be surprised if I was asleep in the hallway.

And here we are with one week and a bit left of summer school, the summer half over...what will happen to all my plans when I have the entire day free? Dear lord.

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Jan von Harz said...

Hey Beth, I can't believe you are still in summer school. My school starts in 26 days.

Man the summer break goes so quickly. I have been doing a bit of napping myself and now I need to stop so I can build up to working a full school day.

How much longer does summer school run?

Beth said...

Jan, Summer school runs until next Friday, July 30th, and then I have the entire month of August blissfully free! We go back to school for some PD on Sept 2nd but the kids don't return for the first day until the 7th so I will get some time to myself!! (Thank goodness!!)

The only bad part of summer school being over is that it means the summer is half over too.

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