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Friday, July 30, 2010

Plans Plans Plans

My poor sweet husband.

Such a great guy.

He hasn't had an actual vacation in soooo long. You may remember when he had a week off in March, a week off after to spent a week in Florida with my best friend, and he renovated our kitchen? 

Well, today being the LAST DAY OF SUMMER SCHOOL and the first day of my husband's summer vacation it of course meant we were back to doing work around the house. Poor guy, I wonder if he'll ever get a rest? By the time we finish everything here we will be ready to sell and then there will a ton of stuff for him to do at the new house....

Here's what is on this week's agenda- 1) frame in the closet doors in the guest room and the nursery, 2) putty all the holes in the walls left behind by the previous owners, 3) paint the guest room and the nursery, 4) clean and de-clutter the guest room (this one was my job!! You know, cause I can't paint these days), 5) buy a new desk and bookshelf for the guest room, 6) get rid of the queen size bed in the nursery, and maybe some other small stuff.

We are just going to paint the nursery white for now because we won't find out if the little one is a boy or a girl until the end of August so the plan is just to to refresh the room with a nice coat of white and then paint just one wall blur or purple depending on the outcome of the ultrasound.

But don't you worry too much about my hubby, it's not all work and no play. He's already got some golf days lined up and I am sure there are some sleep ins in his future.  (I know there are some in mine! I just got a snoogle- body pillow, and I have the world's greatest nap ever!). 

So all this talk has got me you use your vacation time to vacation or to get stuff done you don't usually have time for?

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