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Friday, July 2, 2010

Welcome to Summer!!

Well, it's officially here...summer vacation. I am teaching summer school again this year, Grade 7 and 8 English, but there is a silver lining. This year's co-ordinator is HUGE on trips so between our 2 days at the movies, one day at an outdoor ed centre and one day shopping at St Lawrence market in Toronto I have only 10 real days of lessons to plan. Not so shabby!

I actually like teaching summer school because it keeps my routine going for at least a month, I get paid an indecent (a lot) of money for the work I actually have to do, and I still have my afternoons free. This year will be my last year, at least until the kiddo(s) are older but I will be able to bank a lot of the money from this summer to help next year when I am on maternity leave and getting little to no pay (unemployment only).

Other than that I have some weekends booked, a cottage in August with my parents and freedom until September!!

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Emidy said...

Summer is great! It's good that you get your afternoons off and are making a lot of money. That's always nice!

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