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Sunday, August 1, 2010

August Break Challenge

I have been thinking about taking more photos lately, especially after my great day taking pictures with a friend and her daughter...and I must say that the universe is on my side because what should happen to appear on my cozy book nook today? The August Break challenge!!

This challenge is being hosted by Susannah Conway and it is very simple. Share one photo per day on your blog. It can be Monday to Friday, or every day, or whatever you want. What a great way to wrap up the summer!!

I will be away for a week at the cottage later in August so I will need to work around that but I am super excited to start!! What shall be my first photo? Hmmmm

Here's my puppy's reaction my husband doing renovations and not paying attention to him.

 What a face, eh?

You may remember his reaction to our kitchen renovations in March?

Funny dog.

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