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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Days Are Dwindling

Isn't dwindling a great word?

Anyway, summer is starting to wind down, I can feel it already. There are back to school sales, my thoughts are starting to turn to lesson planning and the nights feel cooler.

I am heading off to the cottage with my mom next week. A whole week with nothing to do but read, sleep, swim, and laze about. I can't wait. My husband won't be able to come with me, unfortunately, but the puppy will be joining me for the week. The cottage is quite small, or so I have heard. One living area, one bedroom, and one kitchen. I think there is a toilet but no shower. We'll be roughing it! LOL

My mom has already booked "the big cottage" for next summer which is great because we know ahead of time what week is booked so my husband can plan his vacation around it, and the big cottage should be better able to accommodate the baby and all the stuff that comes with. It's hard to believe that at this point next summer I will have an 8 month old baby....strange.

Life will certainly be different than it is now. It seems like almost all my conversations these days are baby related. On one hand there is so much that I need to know but on the other hand I don't want to be one of those moms who forgets everything else and only talks about her baby/kids. Hmmm, such a fine line I suppose.

My plan is to use the rest of my summer days reading (I am close to breaking 60 books for this year!) and starting to seriously plan some stuff for school. I know that there are people who would think it is crazy to start giving up their time this soon but I am a planner and I feel more comfortable and able to relax when I have things done. So for me, planning far ahead is actually more relaxing than waiting until the end of the time I have left. I am hoping to have everything necessary done before Labour Day weekend so I can go to a friend's cottage school-work free!

How do you plan to use these last days of summer?

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Emidy said...

Ugh, I can't believe how fast summer went! Even though it's not done yet, I can't help but think about school. I hope to spend the rest of the summer hanging out with friends and relaxing, but who knows how it'll turn out.

Have fun at the cottage!

Beth said...

Emidy- Doesn't it seem like the summer goes by faster every year? Waaay faster than winter and all that snow!

SB said...


Beth said...

Oh don't you worry...sleep in HIGH on the list.

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