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Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Gloriousness That Is The Dollar Store

August Break Challenge Photos- August 12th

So I looked over my schedule for the next few weeks and things are getting crammed full. I will not be able to get into my classroom next week, as anticipated, and therefore will only have THREE (eek) days to set everything up in the last week of August. So......I decided with my few free days this week I would hit the stores for some back-to-school shopping. Yippee. (Seriously, back-to-school shopping may be the reason I became a teacher. I love new supplies.)

My first stop- Dollarama. Did you know that you can spend $?????? (I will let you guess) in one trip to the dollar store. I did not know this before yesterday, but I sure do now! Wow, it was fantastic. First of all, it wasn't busy so I could roam the aisles at my leisure. I could look at everything. I could backtrack. I could think and mull over my decisions. "How might this be used in a Grade 4 classroom?" Hmmmmm, it was literally a little piece of heaven. (If you are bored now and are thinking, "Wow, she is such a nerd."- don't worry I know, and you may be better off if you stop reading now. It's not going to get any cooler, I promise you. It will involve pictures however!)

First of all, look at these awesome mini-pylons I got to put on students' desks.

So awesome, right?

A Canadian Flag license plate for my room, they hold up better than an actual flag.

I am going to try something new this year that my friend does. She buys a spiral bound notebook each year for all the research and note she takes while lesson planning and since I am teaching math for the first time I thought it might something I would like. Plus, do you see the post-it notes!? Brand name, real 3M post-it notes at the dollar store. I have a love for all things post-it.

Band-Aids for all the ouchies. Note to any new teachers: Don't buy the cute ones with cartoon characters on them! You WILL have kids who want a band-aid for even the most minuscule injury because the latest cartoon craze is on the band-aid. 

Who wouldn't want to sweep my room with this fantastic broom and dustpan combo?? They'll be fighting over this job for sure!

I have decided to try stand-up staplers this year because in my experience all students use them in this way, and regular staplers jam if you don't push down against a hard surface. Hopefully, this will cut down on stapler jams. The magnetic bins in the back are for lockers, but the blackboard is also magnetic and this is a great way to keep chalk, markers, etc tidy.

Bathroom passes. I will never touch these again after Sept 7th.

Plain brown paper bags? How can those be exciting? Oh, my friends... I plan to have my little friends decorate these during the first week of school with their name and birthday. I will them fill them accordingly and hand them out filled with goodies on their birthday! Voila! Birthday treat extra-ordinaire.

Games! Games! Games! The children will have something to do on rainy day recesses.

Ziploc bags to store the above games in because, believe me, the boxes won't lost very long. Not very long at all.

So on top of these goodies I also picked up paper, pencils, highlighters, exercise books and other stuff. Have you guessed my grand total yet?? 


Did you know you could spend that much in one trip to the dollar store? No, me either. But I figure the more I get at the dollar store the less I have to buy at Staples or Walmart.

On a related note....

Today, I went to the Teacher Store that is in my area (Oh how I love the Teacher Store.) Most of the stuff I got wasn't very exciting- resource books, name tags, etc- but look at these flash cards and games...on clearance!! $2.00 each. Love it.

I could have spent a kajillion dollars there today, especially now that I am teaching Grade 4. There is so much stuff that is so cool and fun for younger grades that just doesn't exist for Grades 7 & 8. I did, however, control myself.  I am feeling better about not being able to get into my room next week. I pretty much have my shopping done so when I do get in there I'll have one less thing to do....other than organize all this wonderful stuff!!

2 Thinks and Thoughts of Others:

Emidy said...

Dontcha just love the dollar store? Dollarama especially - they actually have brand name stuff occasionally, like you said!

I love what you're planning to do with those paper bags. That's such a great idea! Your students will love it.

Molly said...

WOW - what a haul! I especially like the orange cone idea :)

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