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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

In Transition

August Break Challenge Photos- August 4th

Why does it always seem messier and more disorganized when you are renovating and cleaning?

A stack of VHS tapes to get rid of...we don't even own a VCR anymore!

Two bins of "thin clothes" (pre-pregnancy) to be stored away for now.

Oh the closet...will I ever get it organized the way I like it?

The soon to be nursery- right now...junk?

My hubby has been working on drywalling the closet in the nursery 
and guest room for new bi-fold doors.

The "guest room"- also another junk room. Just wait till it's done though!!

A home in transition never feels comfortable...but wait, oh wait until it is done!!

4 Thinks and Thoughts of Others:

Helen's Book Blog said...

Remember, it's always worse right before it gets better. The last few days my mom and I have cleaned out the garage! What a task that was. And we found AMAZING stuff: old sheet music from my great grandfather, letters, childhood awards, and...lots of junk. Good luck!

Bibliophile By the Sea said...

I hate clutter so Ii feel your pain, but soon it will be just the way you like it!

Beth said...

Yes, clutter and stuff has become the bane of my existence....especially since I know that very soon I will have kiddie clutter everywhere

SB said...

oh you nesting girl! I overhauled my basement when pregnant with e. I was a maniac! p.s. you have no idea how much plastic kiddie clutter you are in for! You just wait! it will appall you!

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