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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Who's responsible for manners and life lessons?

This was originally posted on September 14th, 2009.

I sometimes wonder how much of my job is teaching kids to "play the game", hang the curriculum, the writing, the quizzes and tests, the homework and such...but just the daily game of getting through.

Three other teachers, that's right three, came to see me after school today about students in my class and things they did today. One boy decided to go for a walk and disturb multiple classes while getting a drink. I should tell you now that the fountain is maybe 20 feet from my classroom and there is only 1 other room between me and the fountain. So how is it possible for a student to disturb multiple classes? Fantastic question.

The second teacher wanted to talk to me about the 3 young gentlemen she kept after class because they were disruptive and talking during her class today. You should also know that one of the those 3 gentlemen was the Water Boy from the previous paragraph.

Finally, music class. It took three reminders for one young gentlemen to join the line and properly enter the music room. Three reminders before class technically even started.

So to re-cap we have:
1) Water Boy wandering through the halls
2) Larry, Curly, and Water Boy talking during a class
3) Line Boy not getting in line to start the class

None of this has anything to do with English, History, Geography, Health or Drama- the 5 subjects I teach on a daily basis.

So now I need to talk to these gentlemen and discuss how embarrassed I am that I have to hear about their behaviour in this way, and to convince them that some things just aren't worth the fight. I mean, seriously, can't you just get in line and enter the class? Is that really a battle you feel is important enough to fight about? Aren't there bigger things out there to be worried about? You have grammar homework tonight, I know, I assigned it. Couldn't you at least be worried about that?

I have often wondered....

So much of being a teacher is about teaching kids how to react in various situations, how to get a long with people, how to walk away, how to speak up for yourself, how to say please and thank you, etc. And I know that in a lot of cases if I don't address these things with them... no one will. Sad, but true.

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