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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fresh Start

The start of school for me is always so new and so fresh.

I have probably never in my life considered January the start of the year. It's always September. That could be due to the fact that ever since I have had a memory I have been in school. But you've got to admit, there is something special about September and back to school.

I started setting up my new classroom yesterday and in very untypical fashion was quite laid back about the whole affair. I don't know if it's because realistically I am only going to be at school for 4 months, if it's because everything is sooooo new I have no idea what to be stressed about, or if it's because everything is so up in the air at my school that I feel the need just to go with the flow?

I do know that it feels rather liberating not being so stressed about it.

My husband, being the awesome guy that he is, did all the heavy lifting and moving for me. He loaded the car, and then unloaded the car. He moved the boxes, and the furniture that is there (more an that later). I unloaded the boxes. My plan was just to get everything into a place and then organize it later. I only have two days so I just wanted to make sure everything was in place and that my room was functional...the rest I could figure out later.

So where we stand now is that everything is in the room. There is nothing on the walls. I have no chairs for the students. The desks are designed for high school. And it's super hot!

Today I am going in to start the organization process, planning my lessons for next week and then go home to cool off! Enjoy your Wednesday.

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