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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Good Morning Blogger World

Oh, how I have missed you all.

I am finally decided it was time to give myself an opportunity to relax. I can't believe how stressed I have been feeling about work, the prganacy, the disgusting state of my house, and my complete lack of grocery shopping! So today I am taking a personal day. I called in a friend to supply for me at school and I am going to stay home and rest. I really don't want to get myself run down at this point of the school year or while pregnant.

Let's talk about the pregnancy first. I am huge. HUGE! At least I feel huge. Most people have been telling me that they can't believe I am 6 months along so maybe I am not that huge. I do know however that I have reached the stage where my back hurts, my tummy hurts, and there are lost of little aches. But....we felt the baby kick for the first time last week and every since she has been kicking like crazy!!! I can even feel her sometimes in the middle of class when I am teaching math or something else quite unexciting.

None of my grade 4 students have asked or even mentioned that they think or know I am pregnant. So either they think I am super fat (!!!!) or they just don't have a clue. Either way I am going to hold out telling them as long as possible because it means telling them I will be leaving too.

It terms of school this is the most stressful beginning I have ever had. I feel super unorganized (which is not my style), and floundering. I haven't really had time yet to get my feel under me in terms of planning. I am just going by the seat of pants everyday. Today and this weekend will be spent planning for a few of my units so that I can feel more ontop of things....but at the same time my school is going to re-organize next week and we will be getting 8.8 MORE teachers. So everyone's timetables are going to change and I may gain French as a teaching subject and have to lose others....grrrr. It's going to be time for me to go on mat leave and things will still be all up in the air! Crazy.

Here are home, I have been so busy planning each night, or too exhausted to move very far off the couch that things are a mess. The house hasn't been vacuumed in FOREVER. Let's not even talk about the bathroom. And thank god there are frozen meals in the freezer!!

But in spite of it all I am very happy with my decision to change schools and to change grades. I am feeling re-energized professionally. I am very happy with all the people on my new staff and the ense of purpose they have for their teaching. It feels like teaching is supposed to. Plus now that the baby is kicking up a storm that seems all the more real and so much closer. Two baby showers have been scheduled for November and they will be here before we know it! Then January and the actual baby! Wow, life is changing......

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Helen's Book Blog said...

the start of our school year has been crazy as well and it's amazing how all-encompassing it is! And, being pregnant on top of work craziness is exhausting!

Be sure to give yourself the time your body and mind need. You and the baby are WAY more important than always being super woman at work.

You are at about that point in your pregnancy when your ligaments are starting to stretch...are you dropping stuff yet? That was amazing to me since I am not a "dropper" usually.

Feel good!

Beth said...

Helen, I haven't dropped anything yet but I feel as though my middle is constantly stretching and moving. Maybe the dropping part is coming soon. Also, my head is always stuffed up and my ears echo. I can't tell if it's allergies, a cold, or pregnancy stuff.

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