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Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Lunch Date

What is it about making a lunch date with a friend that holds so much promise?

Even if it is lunch with a friend you see all the time it is still something special. Especially lunch on a Sunday. I think the only thing better than lunch with a friend is breakfast. I love going out for breakfast. The eggs are always cooked perfectly. The bacon is crispy. Or if you go for french toast, pancakes or waffles you get all the deliciousness with none of the clean-up. Heavenly.

Lunch is good for sleep-ins though and lounging around the house before you get up and ready to go. Breakfast can be done in your pyjamas if it is a hole-in-the-wall diner sort of place, or you are still in university (then pyjamas are almost a requirement, getting dressed is just trying too hard.)

Lunch means a fantastic salad that always tastes better because someone else made it. Or ooey-gooey pasta that you would never cook for yourself on a Sunday afternoon.

Breakfast means coffee, lots of it. Bottomless cups.

Lunch could mean an early start on a bottle of wine!

Either way, it's the people you go with and I am looking forward to my lunch date today. Hope you're having a good one as well.

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