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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Planning for Math

I have never taught a math class of my own.

I have taught a math class during my practicum....after my associate teacher told me what to teach, but I have never, NEVER created an entire math program of my own.


I feel like I am doing okay (I mean, really, I have only done one lesson and it was pretty much a review of what they learned about bar graphs in Grade 3....but still. Tomorrow we are embarking on the world of "reading a bar graph" and answering some questions. Keep your fingers crossed.

On a side note: I am sending super good healthy thoughts to my friend Brian who has been waylaid with a flu-like situation after what was one of the best Michigan football games this season (there have only been 2! LOL). Feel better buddy, feel much better very soon.

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SB said...

if you're like me, you will come to LOVE teaching math. It's just the best!

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