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Monday, October 11, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving and other rambly thoughts

It's the weekend of thanks up here in the Great White North (and no it hasn't snowed yet, it was actually 24 degrees yesterday....nice and warm).

I like that Canada's Thanksgiving is in October. It makes it a holiday all on it's own. I think that I would feel too smushed into Christmas if Thanksgiving was celebrated at the same time as the Americans have theirs. However, I have never celebrated Thanksgiving in November so maybe I  am just making things up! Any thoughts on this?

This year our Thanksgiving was spent with my in-laws. We went up on Saturday morning, spent the day and the night and then left after dinner on Sunday. In the past we have gone up on Friday night and stayed until Monday, but this year my husband has been very sick with a cold leading up to the holiday and I am hugely pregnant so we felt this might be a better option. My in-laws have a great, big old farmhouse but they also have a great, big family so the bedrooms get filled up quickly. We always get regulated to the small sewing room if there is a lot of company staying. This is fine under normal circumstances but a pregnant lady and a large man do not fit well in a single bed!!

My husband is now trying to eke out the last few days on golf before winter hits. He went on Saturday and is heading back north again today to meet up with the male members of his family. I have the entire day stretching before me here at home....alone. And I love the thought of it. I am going to plan my science and social studies unit for school and hopefully actually get ahead. I have never felt quite so disorganized and overwhelmed as I have this school year. Maybe it was the pregnancy, maybe it was the complete change in age group I am teaching, maybe it was the change in schools, maybe it was the addition on an entirely new subject to my schedule this week? What ever the reason....I have been feeling stressed and overwhelmed.

Hence the lack of sorry! I have a plan to try and do better!

Once I get my Science and Social Studies units under control, then I can look at French and Language. I would much rather have things planned in advance and be able to tweak them later than have to plan each day's lessons the night before as I go. And I think I will be the same way with the baby when she arrives.

I have already started to organize the closet and after next weekend when the nursery is all painted I think the real nesting will start to happen. So far, my time and thoughts have been so consumed with work that I haven't been able to give a lot of attention to the baby's room and what is needed. But when all the planning is done and out of the way it'll be all baby, all the time. I have started to look into maternity and newborn photography so that's pretty exciting. I have been buying some small things here and there that I would like to have for the baby, and my showers are creeping up on me in the beginning of November. Before lone this baby will be here!!!

Can't wait.

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