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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

So I Wanted Everything to Be Finalized...

I wrote awhile back about how overwhelmed I was feeling due to the fact that so much of my schedule at school was till up in the air and unknown. Well, be careful what you wish for.

I had discussed with my principal about teaching French this year, which was totally fine with me. I like teaching French and if you have more than one class it's less planning overall. I told my principal that if I was going to teach one class of french I would rather teach all three Grade 4 classes that are in my school. This would mean that I would have to give up teaching either Science or Social Studies, or perhaps both. When I got my schedule I discovered that I only had my own french...which means not only have I added a subject but I didn't lose anything. So here's what I am now PLANNING, teaching and assessing:

Language Arts (Reading, Writing, Oral Communication, Media)
Social Studies

Wow, eh....I did however, lose Art from my schedule. If we put that in perspective, I lost 2 Art periods every 10 days, and gained 7 French periods. Fun, right?

So now I am knee deep in planning and organizing. Can't wait. At least it's only 3 more months!

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