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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Super Woman??

I have always been the type of person that gets stuff done. I can multi-task with the best of them and accomplish many things in a day, or even an hour! I'm not bragging, it's really one of my only talents (just ask my mom, I sing like a dead cat fighting it;s way out of a bag). Being organized, being efficient and getting stuff done has always been a skill I could rely on.

Then I got pregnant...

Now I feel like everything takes me twice as long to do, and it usually involves a nap in the middle. Laundry goes days with out being done. Dishes sit in the sink. I never make the bed (to be fair, I never really did before either)...but everything is starting to feel so incomplete and undone.

Is this a nesting symptom of pregnancy?

At school I feel like I am running to catch up all the time. I know that a big part of that is because I switched to a new grade and am teaching a whole whack of subjects that I have to plan for, but at the same time I have done that before (umm, last year?) and have never felt this overwhelmed. I do not feel like I am as a good a teacher as I used to be.

And I wonder, what will happen when the baby comes?

I feel like I must take on the responsibility of doing everything myself. I have tried asking my husband to do some stuff but his responses are usually not-so positive and then I feel guilty for asking. Is it really my responsibility to make sure everything gets done around the house? We both work a full day currently, and then I usually come home with planning or marking, or both do. Should I also be in charge of making dinner, cleaning the kitchen, laundry, the dog and various other household chores? Don't get me wrong my husband is a wonderful man that helps out, but he rarely does it with a smile and never of his own choosing.

What will it be like when the baby is here?

I am feeling stressed and overwhelmed already...does it get any better?

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Helen's Book Blog said...

So glad to hear there is another teacher out there whose cape flaps! It does get better, but it also gets worse. Sorry to be the bearer of that news. When my daughter was born I was TIRED all the time, but also amazed at the little one in my arms. I finally realized that, for a while, I was going to be mom and not get done all the school/other stuff I was used to doing. Once I figured that out it was good.

Don't let yourself get down on you for not doing as much as you usually do. Being pregnant and having a baby is HUGE and deserves all your attention for a while.

Boy, did that help or make it worse?

Beth said...

That totally helped. I knew it already but having someone else confirm it is always a positive. I have already cut back on my usual school stuff just because I won't be there for the full year, but if course my attention has shifted to my house and now I worry about not getting everything done there. I suppose worrying is just part of being a woman?

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