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Friday, October 1, 2010

Things that Type A/ OCD People Don't Deal Well With

I have never been good at "going with the flow". As a child I used to make lists, list of my toys, lists of games I like. My mom says I could do perfect hospital corners when making my bed by the time I was  4. I like to make plans weeks in advance. I am not spontaneous. I hate not knowing what's coming next. I need to be able to double check, and triple-check everything. I get anxious.

And so....the situation at my new school which is still undergoing major transitions and influx of students in thus:

1) 5 students were removed from my Grade 4 class to day to go to a Grade 3/4 split because we have too many students in each class

2) There will be 9 new staff members starting at my school on Monday

3) We have a new duty schedule for the 4th time this year (in 4 weeks)

4) I have been told that I might be teaching French, maybe one class, maybe 2 classes, maybe all the classes....or maybe I will keep Science and Social Studies....maybe

5) We were told we would get schedules today by the end of school for Monday....that didn't happen

6) On Monday we are sticking to the old schedule and, hopefully, getting a new schedule for Tuesday...which could involve me teaching French with a days notice

Oh yeah, and I am pregnant.

This week has been a ride. To say the least.

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Helen's Book Blog said...

I SO hear you! I am definitely on a need to know basis (and I need to know). I would be going nuts if I was going through what you are. Good luck!

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