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Sunday, November 21, 2010


I seem to have developed a love/hate relationship with food during my pregnancy, although I am pretty sure I had a similar relationship before I got pregnant, just on a smaller scale. I have been trying hard to eat all the things I am supposed to eat to have a healthy baby. I have also been trying to avoid all the things that I am not supposed to eat. But I must admit, I hate thinking about what I am going to eat all the time. I hate being hungry (and thirsty all the time).

I have never been a very big meat eater. I didn't start until I was almost 9 and then I was a vegetarian for most of my teen years. Not for any really ethical reason, I would get sick when I ate meat as a child and then never really developed a taste for it. I have always done what I could to get protein during the day but never really gave it all that much thought. Now I feel very guilty if I haven't had protein at every meal, but at the same time I have been feeling an aversion to meat due to pregnancy.

This whole pregnancy thing is a head-spinner.

I am worried that I will pass on this pickiness to my child. What if she is a picky eater like me?

Cooking is another thing that I have no interest in lately. I really need to work on planning ahead and having the ingredients ready to go each day. When I get home from work I feel no compunction to start cooking anything and really just want to sit down. Perhaps I am not taking advantage of my crock pot as I should be. Perhaps a personal chef to make all the decisions is the answer?

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(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

No need to eat meat to have a healthy baby. I think women sometimes obsess about that too much. Dairy, fruits, veg, and some protein and of course your vitamin and I'm sure you both will be fine. I bet you can't wait for the big day.

Have a nice holiday Beth.

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