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Friday, December 3, 2010

8 days

I have 8 days left of work....and then that's it for an entire 8 months.

8 days. wow

I am only taking 8 months off with the baby because:

a) I want to go back to work in September and have a fresh start with my class rather than try and take over in the middle

b) My husband if going to do the last 4 months of mat/pat leave so it's not like I am leaving the baby with a stranger

c) It makes the most financial sense

But only 8 days?? Wow. The longest I have ever been off work (if you discount school and university- because I did waitress all the way through) have been my summers off from teaching. However, I did work at camp for a couple of summers and have usually done summer school as well.

So I would say...maybe this is the longest break since I began my working life at the young age of 15. (yeah McDonalds!)

I am really not sure I am cut out to be a stay-at-home mom. Now, before everyone jumps all over me I KNOW I WILL HAVE LOTS TO DO WITH THE BABY. Believe me, everybody and their dog likes to jump in a tell me exactly what my life is going to be like when the baby comes. But I think we've had this conversation before....

Why I say this is that I have been a nanny 3 times before. For young children. Who can't talk. (And yes I know being home with my child will be different) I started to go a little stir-crazy. I started to talk to myself.

I am also very career driven. My husband and I had a discussion about the fact that of day-care became cost prohibitive he would be the one to stay home. No question about it.

So I guess what all this rambling boils down to is that a part of me is looking forward to being done work because I am tired, sore, achy, etc. I want the baby to be here. I want to meet her and be able to cuddle her....

But at the same time I am really nervous about missing work. The energy I get from my students. The joy i have from being intellectually stimulated and constantly learning new strategies to make me a better teacher. I guess I will just have to focus all that into being a great mom.

Now, if I could just work on this whole sleeping thing! (did I mention that it's 5am and I have been up for almost an hour?)

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SB said...

we should message each other at those ungodly hours!

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