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Thursday, December 16, 2010

A baby shower for the record books

I was thrown a surprise baby shower not from my work friends. No not from my family members.

Well, who then you ask.....?

By my Grade 4 class. That's right a group of 9 year-olds threw me a baby shower. It might have been one of the cutest things EVER!

First of all, it was a surprise only in their minds because 9 year-olds are not subtle in the least. They have been planning this for almost a month and I have been asked many times, "Do you know about the thing?" To which I would reply, "No, what thing?" And they would answer with, "Oh good!" Last week I was told that on Wednesday the 15th of Dec I would need to eat lunch in Mr. T's room. Now, here's a little story on why this was a giveaway. I teach Grade 4, in a portable, outside the building. Mr. T teaches Grade 8, in the school, on the second floor. I have also never eaten lunch in Mr. T's room.

So at 11:50 I met my class at the purple doors to the school, we walked up to Mr. T's room together where they then made me stand in the hall while they went inside to set up. (I could hear everything through the door). The blew up balloons, put up decorations and after 5 minutes I was allowed in to the room while they yelled SURPRISE! (Just a quick reminder to all that I walked up to the room with them and knew they were in

Then the party was in full swing. On the menu: chips, gummy worms, and juice boxes. Delicious. I was given presents which were actually all very nice (I am pretty sure the parents picked them out). We listened to Selena Gomez (no idea who she is) and then they presented their speeches.

That's right, my 9 year-old students wrote speeches for my baby shower. And poems. And songs. It was quite a celebration.

All in all it was super cute and I will definitely remember it forever!

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Helen's Book Blog said...

That is the most adorable story ever! I hope you got photos and kept some of the poems, etc to share with your child when s/he is old enough to appreciate it.

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