Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body. ~Elizabeth Stone

Friday, December 17, 2010

The Body's Way and Other Baby Ramblings

I have been sleepless for many a night now. People tell me it is my body's way of preparing me for when the baby is here and I am up all the time with feedings etc. People tell me that's how it is when you are 8 (almost 9) months pregnant.

All I know is that I already miss sleep.

I am now officially done working for the next 8+ months and I find that to be a very scary thing. I have always defined myself by my job. Not that I mean my job dictates my life, because it doesn't, but I am very career driven. I actually find it a little offensive when I tell people that I don't know very well that I am coming back to work after 8 months and they tell me I will change change my mind.

I think that since I have known myself for 31 years, and they are new acquaintances I may have a better insight than they do. I know I will love my baby. I know I will cherish every minute I am home with her. I know it will be hard to go back to work. But I also know me. And I know that I will want to go back to work and that my husband, not a stranger or a day care, will do an excellent job with our baby.

I am struggling still with this whole advice thing. It's one thing when you ask for help. It's another when people feel that you must have their opinion on everything even if you aren't really all that close to them. I suppose it's not going anywhere though. Everyone has an opinion on parenting, just like everyone has an opinion on school. We all had parents and we all went to school, therefore we are all qualified to discuss both at length right?

I have so many good, no great, examples of parenting around me- Brian and June, Jamie and Chris, Bryce and Christine, etc, etc that it makes me a little nervous about doing the job myself. Will Mike and I be as good? Will it look as effortless to those on the outside? Will our baby be as happy as my friend's babies? I hope.

I hope.

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