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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Traditions

I am excited to look towards the future and start new traditions with my own little family. My husband, my baby, me and the puppy (I call him a puppy but he is really a dog by now).

CTV Christmas Party 2007

This is the first year in 31 years that I will not wake up in my parent's home on Christmas morning. The first that I will not spend with all my cousins, aunts and uncles on Christmas Eve. The first. I am not sure how this has happened in the 9+ years (including 3 years of marriage) that my husband and I have been together, but it has. So I guess this year marks the start of new traditions, even if the baby doesn't make her grand entrance (fingers crossed).

I haven't felt as much holiday spirit this year and I am wondering if it's because there is so much change in the air.

Nathan Phillips Square (Toronto) 2005

How do families create their holiday traditions? Does it come from a mashing together of what you liked best from your childhood with that of your husband/wife? Does it come from things you always wished your family would do?

The whole family together for the first time at Christmas in so many years that we were all old enough to be in the bar and doing shots together!!

Here are some things I have loved from Christmases past:

- my family on my mother's side all open stockings before dinner on Christmas Eve ( I am sure it came up as a way to keep the kids busy while the grown ups got dinner ready)

Gift extravaganza! That's me in the front.

- I watch A White Christmas every year

- drinking as much egg nog as possible over the course of the holidays

- homemade cinnamon buns on Christmas morning

- hiking into the woods with my dad and sister to chop down the tree (my dad used to let one of us carry the axe and one the saw- what was he thinking?)

My sister and I one Christmas past (I am on the right)

- decorating the tree with my dad

- going shopping for mom's present with my dad when we were kids, he always steered us towards jewelry

That's me with Santa!!

- going shopping for my dad's present with my mom when we were kids, she let us pick whatever we wanted and it was usually ridiculous like ties (my dad only wears ties to weddings, etc) or socks but not the right kind that he actually would wear

- watching the World Junior Hockey games over the holidays

and many, many more.

I wonder what my baby's favourite memories of Christmas will be?

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SB said...

LOVED this post! traditions and Christmas and all that stuff are so fun when we remember our past - the nostalgia - and we think of our past even more as we look toward our future and at our own little ones...the miracle of life: it keeps on giving!

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