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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Are you for real?

So I went in for my follow up ultrasound yesterday (following up the one I had before Christmas to make sure the baby wasn't too small). Everything was going well, the ultrasound tech was smiling, and nodding, and saying "Oh it looks good. Very good....and now I want you to go straight upstairs to Labour and Delivery."

To which I actually replied, "Are you for real?"

I mean I hasn't has any contractions yet. I was planning to go shopping with my sister. The last ultrasound said everything was fine. He had just said "very good".

I am very proud to say that I remained quite calm. I called my midwife and headed up to Labour and Delivery with my sister. My biggest concern in the moment was that I really had to go to the washroom because I had to drink sooooo much water for the actual ultrasound.

Fast forward 4.5 hours later............

I was hooked up to a fetal monitor for a non-stress test. My midwife showed up about 2 hours after I called her. My sister was only able to find a Tim Horton's that sold croissants and doughnuts- hence my all carb lunch. I had a crazy, giddy giggle-fest in the Labour and Delivery Triage with my sister and discovered that this causes the baby's heartbeat to race. I had walked the hallway of the Labour and Delivery about 100 times.

The outcome? In the 2 weeks since my last ultrasound my amniotic fluid level had dropped from 11.2 to 4.9 which apparently is not so good. However, everything else was normal or even great with the baby. Heartbeat? Good. Size? Good. Whatever else they look at? Good.

I was given the option of being induced last night, or going home resting up and coming back on Friday for another ultrasound. Both the midwife and the OB on call recommended to go home and come back on Friday.....which is why I am here at home posting this for all of you and not giving birth to a baby.

I must say the last weeks of my pregnancy have been the most exciting/worrisome of all. The plan at the moment is to see what the ultrasound on Friday turns up. If the amniotic fluid does go back up at that point then I will be induced at some point on the weekend. So good news should be coming sooner rather than later.

Today I am just sitting here at home counting kicks every 2 hours, helping my sister finish her wedding invitations and making a surprise 30th birthday present for my husband (wait till you see it!) and attempting to send good vibes towards the baby and the amniotic fluid. Maybe I should just drink as much water as I can all day?

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Helen's Book Blog said...

Wow! That must have all been very scary. I had a similar, but different, thing at 31 weeks: the baby had an irregular heartbeat and the not-so-subtle doctor's response was: "If you have to have the baby today it should be ok." Really? Luckily I just had to give up chocolate and she was fine. I on the other hand, was quite unhappy at giving up my one vice. :-)

(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

Can't believe your baby is almost here....exciting!

SB said...

that story sounds so similar to mine; only they insisted on inducing me. I wonder what my amniotic fluid must have been at. Literally: two weeks before they ultrasounded me b/c my belly was measuring small. And then on d-day they ultrasounded me again and sent me up to labour and delivery for me to labour and deliver. my new thoughts are let the babe incubate as long as possible...if that is what's best and what is safe for babe...

Beth said...

Helen and Diana- Thanks for all the good thoughts.

SB- We have totally has all the say in whether I was induced or not. I could have chosen to be induced on Wed, or today...but I wanted to wait and go as natural as possible. If nothing has really happened then I will be induced on Sunday for sure.

Maybe having the midwife makes the difference in having so much choice?

SB said...

yah. I wonder. I also wonder if e going so early was one of the main reasons she was so ill: reflux, horrible jaundice (one of the high billirubin counts in all of L.) - and why she was so difficult to feed for so long...she was so small when she was born that the ped. on duty accused me of smoking during my pregnancy (and this accusation came but ten minutes after being unloaded from delivery). You should have seen me lift off!!! Oh I am getting so excited for you!

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