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Monday, January 31, 2011

Morning #1

Here we are! Morning #1 on my own.... and to be totally honest I was scared out of my mind in the last few days leading up to this. What if I was only good at this because I had back-up? (Thanks Mom!) What if I broke down at the first sign of something hard? How would I eat breakfast?

It's now 11:30 and Avery is having her first nap of the day. She has become a pretty good night sleeper, usually at least 3 hours between feeds and I am able to get a total of at least 6-7 hours over the stretch each night. Once morning hits, though, she is ready to be awake and check things out. At only three weeks she is already so alert and looking at all sorts of things in our house. She is still cluster feeding on occasions, like this morning, but I have ready umpteen number of articles about cluster feeding on the internet over the past 3 weeks to realize that it's normal and just to go with it. So from 7:30 to 10:40 this morning we hunkered down and fed every hour. In between we had some diaper changes, some tummy time, a long stretch in her swing while I hurried around a did a few little things I wanted to get done.

Now we are 30 minutes into a nap! And I did it all by myself.

Maybe I can do this...!

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SB said...

yes you how does one cluster feed with two children for whom to care????

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