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Sunday, January 30, 2011

On Becoming a Mom

My mom went home today. I was a little sad. Okay, a lot sad but I managed to keep a stiff upper lip, which is pretty impressive in these days of raging postpartum hormones if I do say so myself. My mom has been a lifesaver since Avery was born.

She and my dad immediately drove up to our place when the difficulties started with the amniotic fluid the week before her birth. She stayed for the entire first week Avery was here. She cooked. She cleaned. She changed diapers. She swaddled. She rocked and cooed and loved up that little bundle of a granddaughter. And then she went home.

Act 2...
My husband was off work the second week of Avery's life to help me and it was great to have him home to help, but as the week started to wind down and we got closer to the day I would be home alone with the baby I started to get more and more nervous. Until one night I had a complete break down that ended with a phone call to my mom and her promising to come back for another week.

Act 3...
And so she came back and again, cooked, cleaned, changed diapers, etc, etc and generally helped me to feel a lot more confident about being able to do this on my own. She remained calm in the face of every one of my breakdowns and cry fests. She didn't hesitate to get out of bed in the night if I needed her. She made multiple trips to the grocery store to get anything we needed, or wanted, for dinners and lunches.

In a sentence...she was sent from heaven.

I can only hope that in the years to come I can be the sort of mom she has been to me. The sort that teaches her daughter the importance of having her own voice. That teaches her daughter she can do anything she wants...but she'll have to work, and work hard, for it. That teaches her daughter that nothing comes easily, and if it does it probably isn't worth it. That never hesitates to say "I love you", to give hugs, kisses, cuddles. That has become one of my closest friends.

So tomorrow is the day I start doing this mom thing all on my own. I know there'll be good days, and not so good days, but I am confident my mom has taught me how to deal on my own (not to say there won't be days that I will still call home...'cause for sure that's going to happen). 

Thanks Mom for everything. And a big thanks to Dad for driving the 3 hours here and back every weekend for the past 4're pretty awesome yourself.

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Stephanie said...

My mom was a huge help in the days after both my son and daughter were born. And she patiently listened to my daily calls when my children were young, and flew to my side whenever there was a problem, like when my daughter was hospitalized at 15 months with RSV for seven days. Moms are a blessing!!!!

(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

I am so happy your mom was able to be there for you. That is a beautiful picture of mom and Avery.

Beth said...

Stephanie- you are right! I have never been so glad to have a supportive mom. What a blessing.

Diane- Thanks!

SB said...

you're lucky to have such non-judgmental support!

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