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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Welcome to the World Avery girl!

So, the story of how my little Avery came into the world...all for you SB!

As some of you may remember, I had an ultrasound before Christmas because my fundal height measurement was too small one week, and then decreased the next week. Even though that ultrasound was fine my midwife wanted me to go for a check-up after the holiday just to make sure. At that ultrasound I was told that everything was fine AND the tech wanted me to go straight up to labour and delivery because my amniotic fluid was low. So that happened on a Wednesday and during our time in the hospital we decided not to be induced but to wait until Friday and see what happened. Friday rolled around and my schedule ultrasound was at 2:00, however, around 10 in the morning I started counting baby kicks and noticed that I had not felt 6 kicks in the 2 hours as back into the hospital we went.

Another non-stress test. Another visit with the midwife. Another offer to be induced. After talking with our midwife we decided once again to wait and see if this baby would come on her own, but if she hadn't by Sunday morning I would be induced and it was scheduled. At this point my contractions had started and I was pretty hopeful that I would soon be a mom!!

Saturday morning rolled around and I still wasn't feeling any kicks. The midwife came out to the house to examine me and see how far things had progressed....not very far as it turned out. So I continued to have contractions and wait, and wait, and wait. Of course, during all this waiting I was quite worried because...still no kicks!

On Sunday morning we were called by the hospital to come in to be induced around 10 am. We arrived and we hooked up for another non-stress test. The OB on duty was fantastic...he was so informative and pro-choice he could have been a mid-wife. He also had a resident with him who was learning about labour and delivery so has a teacher who has taught student-teachers it was pretty interesting. Anyway...everything was discussed and it was decided that because I had been having contracting since Friday, the baby hadn't been moving, I was worrying about the baby not moving and the low amniotic fluid an induction was the best course.

This meant I would be transfered from the care of my midwife to the OB however. I wasn't too excited about this because I had been with my midwife for 9 months and having someone I knew and trusted at the birth was a big part of the reason I chose to have a midwife in the first place!

So I was admitted to the hospital and induced at 2:00pm. This really got my contractions going and despite my intentions of not getting an epidural....I gave in at 5:00pm. After that it was pretty smooth sailing! My midwife actually came back to support me and my husband during the delivery...which was amazing and really helpful. I felt much better just knowing that she was there. My sister also came as my second support person, after my husband, so I was pretty much surrounded by people that cared for me and knew me.

At 11:18pm the littlest love of my life arrived and changed my whole world forever.

And I wouldn't change anything about it!

Hope you enjoyed the photos! These are the newborn photos we had done by the same amazing photographer who did our maternity photos. Michelle Kiefer Photography

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Helen's Book Blog said...

I love hearing people's birth stories and the photos are wonderful!

SB said...

what an awesome birth story - and I love that you dedicated it to me! your daughter is so so beautiful! Seemed pretty smooth as far as labours go. I may have gone nuts during those days previous, of course! So difficult holding off. But I am sure your midwife assured you, better in than out (until, of course, it's not)!!! I, myself, couldn't deliver my little six pounder, and she has the forecep scars to show for it...a story for another day...such fun times in our lives, hey? nothing more trying or rewarding simultaneously! especially for us type a control freak types who thought we had the world by the cahuna's...boy, having a child truly humbles!

SB said...

ps. love the pictures you included!

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