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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Learning, Learning, Learning

I have decided to take a course this spring to become qualified to teach Grade 1-3. I really feel that this will give me something to do during the day that's not baby related and keep my mind going. I am a huge multi-tasker normally and always had a lot on the go when I was working. I am finding that being at home for maternity leave, while fun and I love being with my little baby, is not as mentally stimulating as my working life. Perhaps this is why I find myself worrying about every little thing.....?

I am also going to start some more crafting projects very soon. Right now I am frantically trying to finish my knitting project that is destined to be my sister's wedding present next week. I will post pictures when I am done and AFTER I have given it to her just to make sure the surprise isn't ruined. I must say, however, that for my first major knitting project I am pretty proud of myself.

I knew coming into this maternity leave that keeping my mind busy would be one of my biggest challenges. I have never even really taken an entire 2 months off in the summer. I have always taught summer school, or the year I got married I was busy getting all the last minute details in place. I am hoping that by taking this course I will not only find a way to keep myself busy and thinking, but I will continue to grow as an educator. It's very important to me to always continue learning about my profession, not only to be a better teacher but to consistently set an example for my students. If I expect them to always be learning then I should be as well. I have even more incentive for this now that I have a child too.

I hope Avery has a love of learning and a desire to learn all that she can over the course of her life. If my husband and I can foster that in our child I think we will be well on our way to being good parents. I want Avery to devour books. To learn about and from other people. To engage in all sorts of new activities.

I want her to want to learn everyday of her life.

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