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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

All I Ever Needed to Know I Learned on the Internet

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It's amazing what you can learn online...and I don't mean an online course, although they are great too, I mean from Google or YouTube.

Some of you may recall that about this time last year I went home to have my grandmother teach me how to knit. I started with a very simple scarf...and I am proud to say that scarf is DONE. It just under a year's time! LOL (oops! I really underestimated how tired I would be when pregnant and then with a newborn. Plus, as a new knitter I am pretty slow.

But I am happy to announce that I have finished the scarf AND an afghan I made for my sister's wedding gift. (On second thought, working on the afghan made have slowed up my work on the scarf, right?)

Anyway here is the very first scarf I've ever knit:

It started out as just teal a year ago but last week I got very tired of knitting a plain rectangle of teal and I wanted to try changing colours because I had never done that before. I must say that changing colours was easy but weaving in the ends was really difficult. I think I need to find a video on YouTube to help me with that!

Thank goodness it's still cool enough some days that maybe I can actually wear my scarf.

So now for the BIG project! I decided I wanted to knit my sister an afghan for her wedding so she would always have something that she could remember that I had given her. I found an easy pattern on the Lion Brand website and started it WAAAAAAAY back in the summer. It was originally supposed to be only one panel of knit/purl but when I finished the edges curled up and I thought it was too small.

So I decided to make two more panels for either side and to knit the outside 5 stitches on each edge to stop it from curling under....and then I had to sew it all together! Whew.

I must say I am super proud of completing this afghan on time! 

So this is my next project in progress. Can you guess what it is?

So are you wondering yet what any of this has to do with the title of my post? Thought you might be. Teaching yourself how to knit is somewhat difficult especially if you are like me and are a visual learner.  I love that I can put anything into Google or YouTube and find a video that shows me new knitting skills. Thanks to the internet I now know how to kfb, k2tog, work in St st, and many others!

Here's a little more progress..any guesses yet? I'll give you a won't be a rectangle when it's done! That's right I've moved beyond a scarf!

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