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Friday, April 29, 2011

Diaper Rash Makes Me Feel Like a Bad Mom

It's been a Week. Yes, a capital W week. Nothing particularly bad happened, and nothing earth shattering took place but it was a Week. For no real reason I was tired every day this week, and before you can say "of course you were tired, you are taking care of a baby"... my baby slept straight through the night every night this week except last night. And I'm not talking "5 hours is through the night at this age", I'm talking 11 hours straight through the night. So really, I have reason to be tired and no reason to complain about being tired.

Maybe it was the endless dreariness and rain. Rain. Rain. Rain. It has rained and/or thunderstormed everyday this week. Seriously. April showers came in with a vengeance just to end off April with a bang, I guess. The poor dog had to wait to go out until my husband came home every day this week because really, you can't take baby out in a thunderstorm. It's just bad parenting.

We had two outings this week. We went to my husband's work on Monday and back to visit my old school (I started at a new school this past September) on Wednesday. Other than that Tuesday, Thursday and Friday were just hang out days at home. Yesterday we did have a visit from the cable repair man because the TV in basement and the TV in the bedroom have not been working. Right when he called to say he was here I was upstairs changing the baby so I told I would be down in a minute to let him in. Then Avery promptly peed all over herself. So I tried to deal with as quickly as possible while simultaneously trying to lock the dog in a room so he wouldn't jump all over the cable guy. Check and check. I let the cable guy in and explained the problem as best I could seeing as anything electrical in our house is not my area of expertise.

Now, unfortunately the cable guy had an accent and I am horrible at understanding people with accents. It's like my ears and my brain disconnect as soon as someone with an accent starts to talk. I feel so bad because I am constantly asking people with accents to repeat themselves. So with this small, but significant barrier to communication the cable guy started his work. Did I mention that the dog has started to howl from the upstairs room that I locked him in? No? Well, he did. Meanwhile I am running between the cable guy to try and understand his questions and then answer them with my limited knowledge and the baby who is getting bored with every place I put her. Gym Mat? No. Swing? No. Bouncy chair? No. In my arms? No. Dog still howling? Yes. Yes. Yes.

Eventually we got to the point where we had called my husband at work for help, one TV was working, the baby was now crying loudly and the dog was still howling. The cable guy gave me his cell phone number and said that when my husband is home to have him call. Yep. Will do.

Whew. Well, since that was done we went upstairs to let the still howling dog out of the room and change the baby again. And what happened dare you ask? Remember how Avery peed on herself before the cable guy came? Yep, you got she did it again...and poop! It's like she just waits for me to take the diaper away. It's gotten to the point now where she will poop and I will go upstairs to change her. However, once I clean her all up, get the bum nice and air-dried and the barrier cream in place Avery will poop again!!! I swear she knows what she is doing because she gives a little giggle every time too. We are practically going through 2-3 diapers at each change! GRRRR.

How did I remedy this situation you may ask? The best way possible...Avery and I snuggled together in the comfy chair for her afternoon nap. Nothing like baby snuggles to make everything better.

Thank goodness for weekends and husbands.

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