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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Seriously, stop already.

My baby is too grown up. Already. In four months.

She is practically 50% bigger than when she was born.

There is a huge box of clothes that no longer fit her.

She can sleep all the way through the night most days.

My baby has started to turn herself around in her crib. That is her head is at the opposite end of the crib in the morning than where it was when we put her to sleep.

She doesn't immediately cry when we put her down for tummy time. She will even stay that way for quite a while.

Avery can easily grab at the things she wants dangling from her gym mat. She is fantastic at bringing Sophie the giraffe up to her mouth to chew on and on and on and on...

She laughs out loud every once in awhile. When we really do something funny.

My baby puts herself to sleep at almost every nap and bedtime.

There are days when I miss the little, tiny baby she used to be. It makes me heart ache. But most days I am so excited to see the person she is becoming. She is a happy, happy girl. Her smile is infectious and is easy to come by. She is very easy going, loves Dr. Suess books best of all, smiles when her Daddy comes home, likes a little cuddle before falling asleep.

This weekend will be my first Mother's Day as a mom and I can't believe it still. I am a mom. I have the privilege everyday of raising my daughter and taking part in her growth. I can't remember being this happy.

What a good looking family...if I do say so myself!

2 Thinks and Thoughts of Others:

SB said...

wow you're spoiled! although d is good, too...and he sleeps well too...lucky us! time goes too fast, though; i agree!

Beth said...

SB- I know. On the nights she does wake up in the middle I feel so tired the next day, but I am super lucky most nights.

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